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Investors - How to Get Nice Returns Through Real Estate

As investors ourselves, we at PRS Properties recognize the importance of making the numbers work in any investment. There are multiple ways we work with individuals looking to manage their net worth through real estate, and we are open to discussions with people wanting to learn more about our real estate opportunities. We specialize in investment properties in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. We will buy in any situation and any condition including, but not limited to, buying rental properties, selling rental properties, foreclosure investing and probate. We offer creative solutions such as the utilization of self directed IRAs and private real estate lending.

Regardless of your background or reason for investing, we can likely find a way to create a mutually beneficial relationship. You don't have to be a real estate expert or a seasoned investor. We have programs to accommodate various investing situations as a result of our experience and success.

If you are looking to earn more money, buy, or sell investment properties, then we look forward to speaking with you. Please contact us at deals@prsproperties.com, call 1-866-421-4414 or fill out our Buyer's Questionairre.

Investing in Northern Virginia & Greater Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Area

PRS Properties is actively investing in the areas listed below. If you are interested in an area not listed, please let us know. We are open to investments throughout the United States.
  • All Northern Virginia Counties & Cities
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Stafford County
  • Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania
  • Suburban Maryland Cities and Counties
  • Southern Maryland
  • Annapolis and Surrounding Areas


PRS Properties, LC is creating alliances with people interested in becoming private lenders. Getting educated about the available options for non-typical, non-brokered, non-commission-based investments was the most eye-opening experience of my adult life, and we’re confident you’ll also want to explore these options that no one in the brokerage world wants you to know about. We can help get you information to open new doors to reach your financial goals. Contact us for more information to see how you can be getting returns of 8-12% on your money by taking advantage of private real estate lending in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. The information is free and there is no obligation.

The Opportunities Come Together

We team with people who want to invest in real estate without having to “get their hands dirty.” PRS Properties is in the business of getting our hands dirty, and we will take care of all the day-to-day responsibilities. Our goals are achieved by purchasing and renovating some very rough properties and transforming them into wonderful homes that buyers clamor for. The private lenders we borrow from to fund projects achieve their goals by getting the most out of their capital. With our strict deal standards, we look for opportunities that make rock solid sense rather than speculate on shaky terms or conditions.

Investing in loans secured by real estate offers a higher rate of return with lower risks, and private lending offers the investor more investment control. Anyone with money, stocks, an IRA, or just really good credit can become a Private Money Investor. Countless stock investors who grew tired of inconsistent returns and losses have become private money investors. If investing in real estate using money from your IRA interests you, be sure to ask us about self directed IRAs. Most of all, you can invest in real estate without the hassles of being a landlord such as dealing with contractors or tenants.

A Straightforward Plan

PRS Properties, LC invests in residential and small commercial real estate in northern Virginia, Maryland and the Washington, DC Metropolitan Area. We typically acquire, renovate and then sell the residential properties for a profit to qualified buyers. We negotiate to purchase the property at a price and terms where the numbers make absolute sense. For this plan to be successful, we make all-cash offers and we schedule very quick closings to meet the needs of those who sell their properties to us at a discount. The seller gets rid of their real estate headache, and we acquire a property with great potential realized through our efforts, skills and experience. Due to our contacts within private real estate lending in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC we have access to readily available money that allows us to acquire properties at prices that make good economic sense.

During the due diligence period our team reviews the preliminary numbers, the renovation plan and the positioning of the property in the local market to make sure our investment in the property is a well founded one. Upon analyzing that the opportunity that makes sense, we go to closing.

Our general contracting firm manages the renovation of the properties from start to finish. With our experiences gained through 30+ years in the real estate and construction industries, we have the ability to renovate and reposition any property we go after in a very efficient manner. As you can see from our website, we are consistently marketing for buyers of our properties. Many times, we have buyers approaching us before we get the properties completed. As the ownership of PRS Properties also owns the general contracting firm, we have tight control over the process and get the results needed to turn our property renovations quickly.

As the property is acquired for a discount and the true costs of renovation carefully calculated, there is room to sell the property for a profit on the lower side of comparable sales in the area. Look at the logic – we sell a home for the lower side of the comps, it has been professionally renovated, and it is much more impressive to buyers than the rest of the neighborhood and certainly the bank-owned junk out there. In short, it is a win-win deal for all parties.

Our team of real estate professionals handles the paper work and the closing and we get our check for our efforts (getting our hands dirty). Our lenders get paid at settlement (not getting their hands dirty) and we all move on to the next opportunity together.

INVESTMENT PROPERTIES – Northern Virginia, Maryland & Washington DC

Buying Rental Properties

At times we find properties for sale that we choose not to acquire for a variety of circumstances. With the criteria of a certain discount to provide us a reduced risk and an appropriate return for our efforts, some properties are passed on. However, some of those residential property situations do make sense for many landlord investors who are interested in buying rental properties in northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC. If you are interested in buying rental properties, please contact us and provide details of what you are looking for in an investment property. In the event we find something that does not work for us, but appears to work for your investment plan as you detail it to us, we can connect you and the property.

Selling Rental Properties

We often come across folks who are interested in selling their rental properties in the northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC areas. If you are a landlord who has held properties and achieved your financial goals, you’ve made your money and are looking for an exit plan, you’re moving to the retirement phase of life, or you are just sick and tired of tenants and the laws that protect the bad ones, we are interested in speaking with you about liquidating your real estate portfolio. No matter how bad the condition of the properties are, we are interested in discussing a potentially win-win situation with you.


To find out more about working with us, please contact us at deals@prsproperties.com, by phone at 1-866-421-4414 or by filling out our Buyer Questionnaire. A principal will be happy to discuss working together and how we may best assist you.

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