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Probate Real Estate Services

Resolving Probate Challenges

At PRS Properties we understand the sensitivity and the unique challenges involved with settling the estate of a loved one. Just dealing with all the emotions of an estate can be draining.  Add to that the mounds of paperwork, the fiduciary duties, desires of each heir, along with all of your personal every-day responsibilities, and the situation can quickly become overwhelming. If your inherited property is in need of repair, is not convenient to where you live, or is generally more than you feel you can deal with, our compassionate team is there to provide options to make your responsibilities manageable.

Realtors may help you with the basic sale of a home, but that's it. As investors specializing in the probate process, we can help educate and assist you--the personal representative--throughout the process. We can help whether you need to liquidate an entire estate, receive a cash advance on your inheritance, or just sell an estate property quickly so you and the heirs can move on with your life.

Sell Your Probate Real Estate Quickly For Cash

Real Estate is often the largest single asset type in probate estates. This makes it the most important asset type to liquidate for settling estate obligations including liens, credit card debt, loans and judgments, and cash to heirs. In these tough economic times, personal representatives are finding it more difficult than ever to convert probate real estate to cash within a short timeframe. PRS Properties will make the strenuous process easier by purchasing quickly – as soon as seven days for many homes.

Going through the probate process is a difficult situation, and is not one you want to drag out longer than necessary. We will give you the personalized assistance you and your family deserve, to help settle your probate real estate issues quickly. To help us better understand your situation, click here and fill out the form with information about the property, or contact us at estatehelp@prsproperties.com or 1-866-421-4414. After finding out a few details we’ll make you a fair, no-obligation offer. Once you discover how easy and convenient it is to work with us, we will finalize all details, handle the paperwork, coordinate with your legal representatives and get the process completed. Along the way we provide you peace of mind and get you cash quickly to help pay off the obligations of the estate.

Some Real Life Discussions:

"There are 6 heirs and we don’t want to hold onto the property!"

Families are made up of many different personalities, and it can be exhausting making sure everyone gets what they want and is happy with the outcome. With our efficient process and quick closings, providing cash to heirs can make settling the estate less stressful.

"None of us have time to prepare our inherited house for sale."

Cleaning and repairing a home before selling through a realtor is stressful, time-consuming, and expensive -- particularly if you live out-of-town or need to hire contractors. We can completely relieve you of this burden, whether it’s making repairs or cleaning out unwanted belongings.

"I inherited my dad’s house and the repairs are overwhelming. How can you help me?"

We have bought and renovated properties in some of the worst conditions imaginable. Our passion is transforming worn and tired properties into places where new families can create memories they will cherish just as your family did.

"I have major commitments coming up and I need to get this property off my plate quickly!"

We all have so many things pulling us in different directions. If you need to sell an inherited property fast, contact us at estatehelp@prsproperties.com , call 1-866-421-4414, or fill out this easy form. Our process is fast, convenient, and efficient. We will get your probate real estate problems off your to-do list--many times within seven days!

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